British feem No Shade: ‘We no longer think say to get man we need to bleach’

By | June 14, 2018

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Kadeem Pearse and Adele Oni
Image example No Shade, 2018 feem.

British feem No Shade don chook mouth on top mata wetin oyibo dey call colourism and dating

Colourism na all di wahala wey dey happen against pipo wey get dark skin for bodi and/or di special treatment of pipo wey dey di same race but get light-skin.

Di feem director Clare Anyiam-Osigwe and actors Kadeem Pearse and Adele Oni tok to BBC Africa about their personal experience on top dis colourism mata.

Image example Adele Oni

Adele Oni say she grow for Nigeria until she reach 12 years old and “di way pipo take see evribodi na say di more you dey dark di more pipo go tink say you no fine. E be like say I grow up dey think say me I no fine”

“Time don reach wen awa girl pickin dem no need to dey differentiate demsef say dis na team black or team white. We no longer think say to get man of awa dream we need to bleach”Oni tok.


“Wetin I dey always hear na ay I too fine to be black pesin, dis for me, dey like insult because I be very proud Igbo British born Nigerian woman and me I believe say my mama and family pipo wey get dis colour dey shine like electric bulb” na wetin Clare Anyiam-Osigwe wey be di feem director tok.

Kadeem Pearse say im too suffer colourism, “na so one day my uncle look me finish tok say im no go eva date pesin wey get my colour.”

Dis na wetin dis feem dey show.

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