Forbes U-30: Cameroon Bamai Namata say overnight success no dey

By | June 14, 2018

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BamaiImage copyright Bamai
Image example Bamai Namata say young pipo fit succeed for put dia projects for ground if deh di work for group and no focus for who be leader

American magazine Forbes for dis 2018 komot e list for de U-30 young pipo weh deh fit bring change for Africa and become billionaires for technology, business and creativity.

Na only one Cameroonian enta dis list, yi name bi Bamai Namata.

“Na big honour for be one of de U-30 for represent ma kontri, na eye opener and dis go push ma business. Ah no be expect and ah see dis laik great achievement, ah thank Forbes weh e di encourage business pipo”, Bamai Namat weh be 26 year old founda for ‘Maibeta’ tell BBC New Pidgin.

As e enta dis list, Namata don di check new ideas for change and improve e business for change more pipo dia lives.

“Overnight success no dey, but success na for work hard put more pawa, try for improve business or services”, na dis young man for Buea for Southwest region e advice for young pipo.

Namata say e bi important for start sometin, if e work de pesin go grow and if e no work make de pesin learn and check how for start different business.

De pikin for Mundemba start e digital online company weh e di connect pipo with professional repairs, maintenance and building jobs for 2015. Dis company weh e di employ nine pipo don do 2300 transaction, touch about 9000 pipo for kontri.


De company don put all de information for dia computer and na so deh di use de pipo dia information for hook dem with odas for do correct work.

De only tin weh e di hambook dem na how for get pipo dem for troway dia old ways dem for do business, embrace dis online connection for work, convince pipo say deh di helep for make work easy, with no stress and how for expand dia business.

Namata bi don receive Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme award for 2016 and Avance Media’s Cameroon’s most influential in business award for 2017.

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