Sandra Achums: Actress gives birth to a baby boy

By | November 17, 2017

Sandra Achums Actress gives birth to a baby boy

Sandra Achums is in celebration mood as she has given birth to a bouncing baby boy.

  • Published: 14.11.2017
  • Odion E. Okonofua
Sandra Achumsplay

Sandra Achums


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It’s all good news for the family of veteran actress, Sandra Achums as she has given birth to a bouncing baby boy.

The very popular actress who couldn’t hide her joy over the arrival of the baby took to her Instagram account on Monday, November 13, 2017, where she posted a picture of the very cute baby.

She captioned the picture with the quote, “Welcome little baby Ryan to the world.


Sandra Achums is one actress who was well known in the 90s for her acting skills. She was known for her very daring roles as she was never shy to take any role. She was also known for taking up controversial roles which made her very popular.

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Sandra Achums and her kidsplay

Sandra Achums and her kids



She was known as the bad girl of the 90s Nollywood. Everyone can remember her role in the movie “Hatred” where she played the role of a wicked granddaughter.


Since the emergence of the new Nollywood, Sandra Achums has been relatively absent and hasn’t played any major roles. She is however now married and resides abroad with her family.

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