Wey di poor pipo Nigeria wan share Abacha $320m give?

By | May 15, 2018

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Sani AbachaImage copyright NIGERIA HIGH COMMISSION
Image example Gen. Sani Abacha use strong hand rule Nigeria before im die for office

Nigeria Vice-president Prof. Yemi Osibanjo announce say di kontri go spend di $320m Abacha loot ontop poor pipo because dat na di agreement unto which Switzerland take return am.

World Bank sef dey join hand for dis agreement and na dem go monitor say Nigeria go share N5,000 everi month to pipo wey need am to spend on anything dem need.

Conditions dey to get dis money and registration dey compulsory yet to find anybodi wey go raise hand say im name don enta official record of pipo wey go collect money, somehow dey difficult.

As at March 2018, when BBC Pidgin follow National Social Safety-Nets Coordinating Office talk, wey be di joinbodi in charge of registration, dem tell us say dem don already do registration of poor pipo for 17 states for Nigeria.


One of di reason why pipo no too dey hear about dis registration fit be say di programme dey target communities of pipo wey poor well-well and those pipo fit no get tins like fone and computers to tok dia experience for social media.

Image copyright Joe Raedle
Image example Di $320m na di last money of di Abacha loot wey remain with Switzerland

How to dey collect 5k everi month

  • World Bank tell BBC say na only pipo wey poor well-well go get dis money, and dia name must dey inside one National Social Register (NSR)
  • For pesin name to dey inside NSR, di community pipo wia di pesin dey live must put im name down say e need help for money
  • Local goment workers wey di National Social Safety-Nets Coordinating Office agency don train, go come put di pesin name inside di register
  • Anybodi wey wan collect dis money must get one special account ontop di system and e go use am collect cash from mobile money agents dem
  • Some poor families go get anoda N5,000 on top of di first one if dem dey send dia pikin go school and carry dem go hospital for checkup

You don see wia dem dey do dis registration or know pesin wey don register? Tell us for comment section below.

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